IT & Video Surveillance Solutions For Property Management Firms

prop-mgmt-imgThe life of a property manager has changed over the years. We know you have responsibilities beyond collecting rent and paying the bills – you deal with insurance, marketing, staffing, security, video surveillance and computer networks.

How many incidents have you missed around your property, because you just did not have that “extra-set-of-eyes” to help you out? Our Network Video Solutions (also known as IP Cameras) by award-winning Axis communications, is just the solution you need to mitigate missed incidences.

Imagine zooming in to see a license plate in a dimly lit lot. Or catching a resident vandalizing the inside of an elevator, or successfully intercepting an altercation in the hallway before it is too late. Our clients have successfully caught many culprits thanks to Secure Future’s video surveillance solutions!

Secure Future Tech Solutions can help your Property Management Firm leverage proactive technology solutions to make your job easier and your residents safer. We are the firm that can handle all your Technology needs – Computers, Networks and Video. Give us a call at (401) 921-2607 to talk directly to us about how we can secure your business.

It’s time to replace those antiquated analog cameras with a High Definition network video solution. After all, safe tenants equal happy tenants!