Simply stated the "cloud" is a metaphor for the Internet.

"Cloud computing" is accessing your programs and applications in the cloud! Secure Future Tech Solutions is an expert in cloud computing throughout the Warwick-Rhode Island area.

Why plug-in to the cloud? There are many benefits of the cloud such as:

  • Scalability - you buy the "space" you need. As you grow, you can increase your storage space.
  • Remote Access - accessible from anywhere around the globe!
  • Automatic Updates & Maintenance - easily stay up-to-date on new software.
  • Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery - information is hosted in a safe place, so it is easily recovered if a disaster occurs.
  • Cost - you pay for what you use!  You do not need to make an extensive hardware investment. Less IT maintenance needed!


Cloud options included are:

  • Office 365
  • Remote Support
  • Dropbox Migration
  • Cloud Access

More and more technologies are moving into the cloud. Are you ready to take that next step? Call us today to learn more!