An effective and rapid response might be crucial when speaking about cybersecurity. Networks that aren’t proactively controlled, run the risk of serious data loss.

Obviously, active management can prevent cyberattacks and downtime. Yet, in-house solutions for small or newly founded companies might be pricey and time-consuming, as just brushing on password security is clearly not enough.

However, choosing an appropriate virtual private network, trustworthy outsourced service provider and cybersecurity-based training should be, and we’d say must be, the next big step.

In order to clear some key points about Managed Services Provider (MSP) and the necessities/benefits of help desk support, we spoke with Eric M. Shorr, CEO of Secure Future Tech Solutions, which provides it all – from network video surveillance to email and network security solutions.

How did the idea for Secure Future Tech Solutions come to be? What has your journey been like since?

I started my business as PC Troubleshooters, Inc. when I was a student at the University of Rhode Island in 1992. I was running around performing break-fix repair services for individuals and businesses who were having issues with their computers.

It’s been an amazing journey over the past thirty years as the technology needs of businesses have grown to become critical to their success. My business has evolved and grown into a 22-person Managed Services Provider (MSP) that focuses on servicing the complex IT needs of Law Firms and Small Businesses. I am so proud of how far we have come!

Can you introduce us to what you do? What are the main challenges you help navigate?

We are an IT Service Company, or MSP, that focuses on providing Help Desk support and cybersecurity to many small businesses. We become the outsourced IT Department for organizations that do not have the internal resources to maintain and protect their computers and network. Cybersecurity is a priority for us to protect our clients from Hackers and other security threats.

We help navigate the complex IT world by giving reliable and timely guidance and education to each of our clients. Cybersecurity training is a vital aspect of how we assist our clients. It is crucial for their team members to be trained on how to recognize a threat and what actions they need to take if they are hacked.

What are some of the most serious problems organizations can run into if managed IT solutions are not in place?

It’s not a matter of if your business will be hacked, it’s when. Companies that are not proactively managing their networks run the risk of serious data loss and downtime due to Hackers or systems failure.

Actively managed computers and networks can prevent serious cybersecurity situations and can mitigate the risk of serious data loss or downtime. A Managed Services Provider manages the entire IT infrastructure, so many issues can be avoided, or costly downtime can be limited.

Do you think the recent global events influenced the way people perceive cybersecurity?

Yes, the current global environment has brought more attention to cybersecurity, for a good reason. Many of my clients are now coming to me and asking, “What do we need to do to protect our network from Hackers?”.

This cybersecurity conversation was an uphill battle just a couple of years ago, but today, many businesses are extremely concerned and are willing to invest in cybersecurity solutions to better protect their networks. I think the current global state has shown people the importance of cybersecurity.

In your opinion, what IT and cybersecurity details are often overlooked by new companies?

Even today, many new businesses still think cybersecurity is an extra expense and that Hackers are not interested in them. I see this mindset in many small businesses.

The reality is that Hackers are looking for the low hanging fruit that they can easily compromise – and too many small businesses have little to no cybersecurity. That makes their businesses easy targets compared to larger, and often more secure companies.

Why do you think companies often hesitate to try out new and innovative solutions that would enhance their IT operations?

Companies hesitate to try new IT solutions for a couple of reasons. First, implementing new solutions often takes a lot of time and resources.  Second, many businesses lack the resources and expertise to deploy new IT Solutions.

Partnering with an IT Service Provider is a key to success when implementing IT projects because they bring professional management, expertise, and resources to the table so the business can move forward and reap the benefits of implementing new solutions.

What are your thoughts on IT systems specifically tailored to one’s business? Is it something each organization should invest in or is it only relevant for large enterprises?

Cloud Technology has been the great business equaliser. Small businesses now have access to the same level of IT as their much larger competitors. We work with our clients to ensure their IT infrastructure is tailored to their unique needs at a cost that’s affordable for their small business.

Talking about personal cybersecurity, what can average individuals do to protect themselves online?

Individuals can protect themselves online by doing two critical things. First, stop reusing the same password everywhere. If your password is compromised at one of the many websites you visit, you are at risk for being compromised across the web, including your email or bank. Please use a password manager program such as LastPass to manage your passwords for you. You’ll set one master password that you do not reuse, and the program can generate random passwords for you.

The second cybersecurity tip is to set up Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) on all your online accounts. This means a username and password is not enough to access your account. You’ll need a code texted to your phone or generated via an Authenticator App. If an unauthorised user or hacker attempts to login to your account, they won’t be able to unless they have your phone! MFA stops Hackers in their tracks.

Share with us, what’s next for Secure Future Tech Solutions?

Secure Future Tech Solutions will continue to grow our business by providing legendary service and “Peace of Mind” to our clients. It’s a true partnership with our clients and we look forward to helping them grow and secure their businesses today and in the future.