“Hackers only go after large corporations! They wouldn’t come after my small business.”

This is a dangerous assumption that too many small business owners make. Don’t learn this lesson the hard way!

According to a recent article by Forbes, small businesses are actually three times more likely to be targeted by hackers than larger businesses. 

CEOs and CFOs Are Attractive Targets

CEOs and CFOs have very valuable accounts due to their unrestricted access to employee and client records. This makes them almost twice as likely to get their accounts taken over compared to the average employee.

In 2021, one in five organizations had at least one account that was compromised - that’s close to half a million Microsoft accounts. Without the right protections, a Hacker can easily enter and move around your network.

Advice for Business Leaders

Spam filters alone are no longer enough to protect you and your business against a cyber-attack. It should be supplemented with other security measures to protect against all modern email threats.

In addition to prevention, it’s also important that you can detect threats even after they make it to your inbox. You should train employees to recognize suspicious messages and report them to management to avoid any engagement with the Hacker.

Challenges and Realities of Cyber-Attacks

  1. A Spike in Cyber-Attacks
    Due to the pandemic, there was a 600% increase in cybercrime. There were 667 million new malware detections worldwide in 2020. The rising frequency of cyber-attacks means it is more important than ever for organizations to invest in their cybersecurity.
  1. Fewer Resources
    Compared to a larger company, small businesses have less resources and security expertise. This leaves them more vulnerable to phishing attacks and cybercriminals.
  1. Exposure To New Ransomware Attacks
    The United States is expecting a wave of ransomware attacks from Russian cybercriminals due to the current global conflict. Security professionals believe that small businesses are the perfect target for ransomware attacks.
  1. Weak Points
    More than 30% of small businesses in the U.S. have weak points that can be exploited by Hackers. Again, Hackers are betting on the fact smaller businesses have weaker security in place than a large corporation.

Are your security measures strong enough to keep your assets protected? Watch our video to get 5 Cybersecurity Tips to Prevent a Cyber-Attack.

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