By:  Eric M. Shorr – Secure Future Tech Solutions

9/14/2021 Alert - Apple issued an Emergency Software Update on Monday to fix a critical flaw in ALL of their devices (iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches & Mac computers).

Beware of Pegasus - A Zero-Click Exploit

What is a “Zero-Click Exploit and why should I care?

Apple Devices can be infected with Spyware without a click or user interaction.  That means your Apple Device can be infected without you noticing or taking action to let it in. The Spyware is called Pegasus and it was developed by a Software company called NSO Group. NSO Group develops Spyware and sells it to Government Agencies across the Globe.  Governments use their software to spy on you!  So scary!

Once your Apple Device is infected with Pegasus, Hackers or a Government Agency can turn on the camera and microphone so they can listen and watch you, record messages, texts, emails, even phone calls.  Pegasus will also track your location and steal your passwords.

All the data that is gathered by this Spyware is then uploaded to the Cloud so that your data is accessible to whomever put the software on your device, such as a government or Hacker.

Potentially 1.65 Billion Devices Exposed To This Spyware

The discovery of Pegasus means that more than 1.65 billion Apple devices have been vulnerable to this flaw since March of 2021. This flaw in Apple devices allows full access to a person’s entire digital footprint. How much data do you keep in your devices?

What To Do IMMEDIATELY To Combat This Threat?

Apple recommends running the latest software updates on their devices immediately.  The security updates came out on Monday September 13, 2021, and by installing the updates, your devices are protected from this latest security threat in Cyberspace.

How to Update Your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Please make sure your Battery is fully charged
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Click General
  4. Click Software Update
  5. Click Install Now to update to iOS 14.8

How to Update Your Mac Computer (iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro)

  1. From the Apple Menu choose System Preferences
  2. Click Software Update
  3. Click Update Now or Upgrade Now (MacOS Big Sur 11.6)

The New Norm – How To Stay Vigilant

Spyware and Malware like Pegasus are continuously shaping our threat landscape!  The best way to protect your devices and all computers, not just Apple, is to update your systems on a weekly basis.  Please reboot after your updates finish so the changes take effect right away.

Don’t be complacent, update today! Need help updating your devices or want to talk about security for your business, please click here to schedule a 15-minute meeting with me!