ID-10089855Need your employees to know how to market your company? Here are a few ideas.

How Does Your Business Take Care of Its Clients?

It’s likely that if you’re a successful company, you have a website with a blog that gives out interesting and intriguing information to the public. People love to share professional advice and will do so if they find it may be helpful to people they know. Is your staff keeping up on the blog? Do they know what it contains? It is a great selling point to be able to say that you offer free advice to all those who want it. In addition, your staff should know how to answer customer service calls; make sure they have a shift or two per month spent answering phones, and that they are able to answer the questions they receive.

Where Did You Find Success?

What makes your company so successful? There are likely factors you don’t share with everyone. Still, you need to share them with your staff, especially if it could help them make a sale. Also, seeing the ‘bigger picture’ can help an employee understand that their day-to-day work is important. It can also help them understand that recruiting a single client can mean thousands of dollars for the company, which just might result in a raise or other perk.

What Niche Do You Occupy?

Though a small business being successful is in part just plain luck, it’s not all luck. There are many strategies that you employ to make your company profitable. One of those strategies is involved with finding the right niche in an already crowded market so you can gain clients. What niche does your company fill; what makes you unique? Your employees should know this up and down because it will be a huge selling point if someone asks why they should choose your company’s services.