The cloud has been advantageous for many businesses. Due to the massive amounts of information that can be stored in the cloud and the prevalence of tablets in our lives, creative businesses have greatly benefitted. The cloud gives people in creative industries an edge they didn’t previously have. It may not be obvious how creative businesses have improved due to the cloud, so here are just a few ways they have changed.

The size of someone’s portfolio used to be restricted to the things they could physically carry.   Because of this size limitation, there were limitations to the content as well. Now, thanks to the cloud, they can create separate files tailored to each client’s needs, which they can quickly access from a tablet. This mobility can lead to more business more quickly.

Creative Collaboration
Collaboration once was a word that had spatial limitations. You could easily work with individuals in your immediate vicinity, but working with someone across the globe was time intensive and difficult. It required sending huge files back and forth, often resulting in duplicate copies and confusion. Now, it is possible to work on the same file simultaneously with only one copy being updated. By dropping the previous restrictions, creative collaboration has not only become easier, but faster as well.

Mind mapping is a great way to brainstorm and when done in conjunction with the cloud, the amount of people that can give their impute is not limited. You can access these files on tablets, work with local collogues, and update the shared file for everyone. These elements break down the distance barrier that has limited idea brainstorming in the past.

When the mobile capabilities of tablets are paired with the cloud, creativity can happen anywhere at anytime and with anybody!

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