What’s a Tweep? – Common Twitter Terms You Should Know

It seems everyone is using Twitter these days for personal use or for their businesses. If you are new to Twitter the language used can be a bit confusing, but I am here to clear up any confusion you may have! In order to navigate through I’ve listed below some examples of the most important lingo used:

Tweet: A post made on Twitter
Twitterer/Tweeter: Someone who uses Twitter
Tweeps: Twitter friends who you regularly correspond with
Twitter Handle: Username used on Twitter
Retweet or RT: Reposting something that has already been posted by another user. RT usually precedes the original username to give credit. Ex: RT @xyzuser Great New Article http://abc.com
DM: This is a direct message sent to another Twitter user. In order to send a direct message, you must be following the user. The message is private and will not show up in your Twitter feed.
Via: This can be used in place of RT
Follow: Following someone allows their tweets to appear in your Twitter feed.
Follower: Someone who reads your tweets
Unfollow: This is when someone stops reading your tweets
@ : The @ symbol is used to reply to a Twitter user
# (Hashtag): This symbol is used to comment about a certain topic in a tweet so that people searching for that topic can easily find it. Ex: searching for #americanidol will give you all tweets that contain American Idol.
Link: Including a URL in a tweet- these can be automatically shortened so you are not using all 140 characters

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