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Introducing: SFT Mobile Surveillance
For First Responders & Law Enforcement

A quick-deploy video surveillance system that allows you to rapidly deploy stand-alone video systems that provide real-time situational awareness for public safety.

Why Mobile Surveillance?

  • Quick Deployment – Perfect for an urgent need. System is housed in a compact carry case with the ability to be deployed in multiple environments and conditions. Simply secure to an existing structure. Easily relocate for maximum flexibility and value.
  • Power & Network Independent – System operates independently from a fully charged battery for 8—10 hours and utilizes available broadband connectivity. Operate indefinitely on AC power or extended periods with solar power options. (see image!)
  • IP PTZ Camera – 180 degree field of view. Move lens and zoom camera onto areas of interest. Includes built-in vandal resistant 720p video resolution with pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) capability.
  • Local Recording – Video is stored securely on an internal SD card and provides up to a week of recording.
  • Remote Viewing – Video can be viewed via any Internet connected device through a standard web browser or integrated into various hosted or local video management systems.

Mobile Video in Box!

Flexible Mounting Options

Perfect for:

  • Enhanced security at a sporting event.
  • Extra set of virtual eyes at a political forum.
  • Monitor high crime areas.
  • Covert operations.

Perfect solution when you do not need a permanent camera in place!

Clear Megapixel Images * PTZ Capability * Live Images viewed via the Internet!

Mount, Switch and View!

Battery operates for 8—10 hours. To extend battery longevity, plug in an optional solar panel.