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How to Convince Yourself to Get Your Blog Work Done

Some people are natural writers and can write tons of blogs a week without even noticing. You, however, may not feel quite that way about writing. Writing may not come to ...

Apple: the Galaxy S3 Violates Patents, Too

Now that Apple has won the majority of its patent suit against Samsung, the company has decided to file an amendment to include the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note into the ...

Apple UDIDs Stolen by AntiSec – Were You a Victim?

AntiSec, a well-known hacker group, posted last Monday that they had gained access to an FBI database and stolen some 12 million Apple UDIDs, also known as Universal Device IDs. Out of ...

Amazon Now Selling E-Books Through Other Companies

Amazon has finally inked a deal with a large book distributor that will bring some relief to the tension between competing e-book companies. Amazon signed a deal with Ingram Content Group that ...

Samsung Plans on “Modifying” Devices that Infringe on Patents

Samsung has hit the drawing board on modifying their products so that they don’t get their products banned, says a news report from The Korea Times a few days ago. The newspaper ...

Sony Brings $5 Music Service to the Market

The electronics company Sony has brought a new unlimited streaming service to the market by the name of Music Unlimited, a program they announced a little over a year ago. When the ...

Threadsy Acquired by Facebook

A social aggregator by the name of Threadsy has been acquired by Facebook as of last Friday. Threadsy was pronounced bankrupt several months ago. However, a service owned by the former company, ...

Samsung Losing in Court Could Help Microsoft’s Windows Phones

After the overwhelming positive ruling in Apple’s favor several days ago, Windows phones are suddenly looking quite appealing. The decision made in court to favor Apple won’t stop at Samsung – it ...

Mobile Vice President Dumps Zynga

Zynga, a game business almost completely dependent on Facebook users, has lost yet another executive this month: the vice president of mobile services and design. Ya-Bing Chu left after quarterly reports predicted ...

Kodak: We’re Selling Our Film Business

The part of Kodak that has made them famous will be no more in a few weeks. Kodak, who is in the midst of bankruptcy, has decided it’s time to sell off ...


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