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Lenovo Closes in on HP Sales

Lenovo has shown outstanding growth in the past few quarters, and this last one was the most impressive of them all. Lenovo reported $8 billion in sales last fiscal quarter, up from ...

AT&T: Subsidized Tablets are No More

AT&T, as of last Friday, has made the executive decision to discontinue its offering of subsidized tablets to the general public. For many years, most mobile carriers have subsidized many of the ...

Warrantless Cell Phone Tracking OKed by Federal Court

A US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit yesterday found that police were legally allowed to track a particular man through his cellphone. The man. Melvin Skinner, was caught and arrested ...

Windows 7: How to be More Productive

Windows 7 has many features that make it a great improvement over prior systems. However, like most things, if you are unaware of all these features you could be missing out. By mastering a few simple tricks, you can get ...

Disaster Recovery-What It Means For Your Business

If you’re a business owner, you’re probably aware that disasters can happen. Disasters can come in many forms. What happens if there’s an earthquake, flood, or some other natural disaster that damages all of your data? What if a well-meaning ...

How Does Touch Screen Technology Work?

It’s something we already take for granted: when we touch an icon on the screens of our electronic devices, we expect something to happen. And not just anything, either; we anticipate our gadgets to do exactly what we’d like it ...

Phishing Scams: Tips on How To Save Yourself From Becoming Prey

One of the top cyber crimes, and the most profitable, are phishing scams.  Large corporations such as Sony have been jeopardized and reports of these types of cyber crimes are being reported at a high rate.  Phishing scams are just ...

How the Cloud Supports Creative Collaboration

The cloud has been advantageous for many businesses. Due to the massive amounts of information that can be stored in the cloud and the prevalence of tablets in our lives, creative businesses have greatly benefitted. The cloud gives people in ...

What's a Tweep? - Common Twitter Terms You Should Know

What’s a Tweep? – Common Twitter Terms You Should Know It seems everyone is using Twitter these days for personal use or for their businesses. If you are new to Twitter the language used can be a bit confusing, but ...

The Difference Between Viruses, Malware & Spyware

You Say Tomato, I Say Tomatoe: How Viruses, Malware & Spyware Aren’t the Same Let’s face it; computers are part of our everyday lives. We use them at work, at home or even on the go with the rise of ...


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