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Jury decides Samsung Infringed on Patents, Awards Over $1 Billion to Apple

After over three weeks of deliberation in court, the first chapter of the Apple v. Samsung case has been closed. A nine-person jury, after less than a day of deliberation, sided with ...

iPad Mini Official Launch Date Set for October

Originally, rumors said that Apple would be announcing their new mini iPad along with the iPhone in September – but the date has now been confirmed for October instead. Apple believes the ...

How to Create a Strong Password

Some of the biggest news stories lately have been about hackers. Yahoo,, Match, LinkedIn – all of these websites have recently been victims of hacking attempts. Some of those hacking attempts ...

Verizon Wireless Planning on Offering Windows 8 Smartphone

In May 2011, Verizon discontinued carrying any Windows 8 based smartphones. Sales of the phone were lukewarm, at best, so Verizon ceased to carry the phone after telling Microsoft they didn’t plan ...

New Malware Targets Mobile Devices and Virtual Machines

Research indicates that a there is a new virus on the loose. Dubbed “Crisis,” the malware is capable of spreading to four different platforms, including Windows, Mac OSX, Windows mobile devices, and ...

T-Mobile: We Have Truly Unlimited Data

Verizon and AT&T, in the past year or so, have completely eliminated their unlimited data plans. As those two carriers have become stricter with data use, Sprint and T-Mobile – the underdogs ...

Apple v. Samsung Case Closed

Apple and Samsung have been battling it out for several months now, and the decision has yet to be determined. However, as closing arguments were said, Samsung had only one thing to ...

3 Million Surface Tablets Expected to Be Produced

Though the numbers have fluctuated significantly in the last few months since Surface’s announcement, Microsoft has finally announced the number of tablets they expect to product off the bat: a whopping 3 ...

HP Forms “Mobility” Division to Handle Tablet Sales

Hewlett-Packard appears to have a desire to head back into the tablet business. As of this week, the company has started to develop a Mobility unit at their company that focuses on ...

Lenovo Closes in on HP Sales

Lenovo has shown outstanding growth in the past few quarters, and this last one was the most impressive of them all. Lenovo reported $8 billion in sales last fiscal quarter, up from ...


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